What Is TIG Welding (GTAW) and How It Works


The stages of the TIG welding process

It is a high-profile process wont to manufacture airplanes, aerospace and nuclear equipment and components, ships, vehicles and bicycles, sculpture, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Steps within the TIG process.

Observe All Safety Rules

Start by putting on your eyeglasses, helmet, and any heavy, fire-resistant suiting.

Set Up The Welding Torch

Connect the electrical adaptor to the torch at the front of the machine, and plug it into the socket. The torch parts include a spout to channel the gases and a copper tube to store the electrode. Next, connect the pedal to your machine. TGI welding is one process that permits you to manage the warmth employing a pedal.

Choose the present Flow Setting

Polarity describes the direction during which the electrical current moves from the electrode to the weld pool to make heat within the metal. Choose the direction of the present (polarity) consistent with the sort of metal you’re welding. the present can either flow straight or in reverse position. If you select the incorrect polarity setting, the weld penetration could also be faulty, and you’ll weaken the overall weld results. In the straight setting, the electricity flows from the electrode on to the weld area. In the reverse setting, the present flows from the workpiece to the electrode. For material like steel, use the reverse or negative electrode setting.

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